Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hey all you bloggers.... Come and See what's new at Sew Crafty Me, SC

June BOM

Well, here it is the end of the month and I have been so busy with family, sales and church, that I didn't get around to sewing, but one block.  So here it is.  This is from Whimsical Fabrics fun blog spot that has the Block of the Month challenge.  And what a challenge it has been for me, time wise.  I'm in hopes that I will be able to complete the whole quilt and not just collect the blocks. LOL...

I will also share with you other projects I've been working with and new items that is either in my ETSY shop or coming soon in my shop...

So here is my one block that I made for this month's  It's almost like a pinwheel, but with a different twist.  Was easy to make.  I think fabric selection, again, is the key to this pattern.  I'm not quite sure I made the right choice on the fabric placement.  

So on with other news.... July is just a week away and I've already started preparing for my craft shows at the different churches.  Here are a few things I've ordered and they should be available next month.  Order now and get a 10% discount on your total with coupon code. effective the beginning of July-September... CIJ2016...  I don't have all the size details but will post that when I put them on ETSY 

I love these plain ones because you can put a family name on them and make it a cute gift bag with present inside for a special family....

New for me this year is this adorable Santa face... 

Can't have santa with out rudolph.... Makes a cute bag.... 

And speaking of bags.... these are still selling and I love how they look when finished.... 

close up of bag

What it looks like from a distance. 

Other ball related items that should be in really soon are the key fobs.... 

Now my favorite of all, are these adorable seersucker day gowns.  They are lightweight and perfect for the summer.  If it is chilly, then you can always add a onezie under it.... 

Monograms can be added to the bottom, cuffs, collars and pocket.  Picture is closeup so remember these are tiny clothes so they will be smaller monograms, and the pockets will be stitched closed.  The white cotton is a little heavier since is it more of a chambray cotton like a regular dress shirt...

So that is all the newer items in stock or coming soon. 

Here are some of the custom items I've been busy with this month....

First b'day for a cute little Lady Bug... Her mommy is going to share a photo when it's closer to August.... She is an adorable little (big) baby girl...

yep, back side of this cute romper

What's summer without a monogrammed swimsuit? 

Sports Bags are still my most popular sell.  Just to show you the variety of ways I can design them... As you can see they are just as popular with basketball as they are with soccer and v'ball and then there are some that want more than one ball sport, which is easy to do... I appreciate my customers thinking outside the box.  And then there are some who just want a name only.... Not a thing wrong with that either....   

There is so much more I could share, but I will call it a day and get busy with other projects.... 

Hope you have a wonderful and blessed day!


Whimsical Fabric: June Quilt Along Challenge

Whimsical Fabric: June Quilt Along Challenge

Hey all you bloggers.... Come and See what's new at Sew Crafty Me, SC

Saturday, May 28, 2016


Very appropriate for mothers day but can be used for other special days also.... This Whimsical Fabric's BOM is a beautiful heart block.... They are quick and easy to do as long as your machine is working. Mine decided to give me trouble so one of them is partly sewn by hand.

I have been super busy this one with my ETSY store, which I'm thankful for. Dad also had his final surgery for stents in his kidneys.  They were only able to get the right kidney completed.  We have to take him to have a PET scan next week.  Mother has been falling (and can't get up!, sorry couldn't resist), So it looks like she might be developing Parkinson after all...My mother in law has been in hospital with advanced Alzheimer's so helping a little bit there.... Naturally I'm stretched to my limits, but I can honestly say that the Lord has helped me through it all...

Good news... One of my granddaughters graduated with honors from her Jr. College and was accepted to USC in Columbia.... Go Gamecocks!  I had a grandson to graduate from High School.... Yay, he made it. LOL....

So on with the photo's of the ONLY 2 blocks I've finished..... Hope you will give it a try...

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Custom Orders

Hey all you bloggers.... Come and See what's new at Sew Crafty Me, SC

Well, its been a while since I've left a blog.... It has been a very very busy month.  I would like to share with you this custom order.  It turned out so cute.  Customer wanted something pink and gray and I happened to have this pretty MM argyle fabric.  She requested a day gown, so that is what I made.  This day gown is a little different than others that I make.  I used less fabric than what I have done in the past.  This way it doesn't bunch up so much around the baby.  I also made it a little longer and made the hem elastic so there is room to take off and on.  Another thing I did was cut off the bottom half of the onesie.  Makes it so much easier.  I also added a cute argyle design and put her monogram across and added a bow belt.  The ribbon belt is lightly tacked, just in case mom doesn't want to keep it around for sleeping.  

Another item that I stitched out is this cute Palmetto Tree faux smocking design from Just Sew Pretty.  Lastly I made a matching headband/bow to match both the day gown and the Palmetto Tree...

I opened up my ETSY shop and it has really done well.  Below are some of the items that I've been selling there too.  I try to add a couple of new things each week when I can.  But want to get this palmetto onesie up and get it selling...

Thank you for looking  Please share my blog with others, and don't forget to leave a comment when you can.  If you have a problem commenting , just send an email and let me know and I will try to rectify it for you.

Turned out sweet... 

Love this Palmetto

These are soccer/volleyball/basketball backpack.  I've sold many of the for soccer.  This just shows you what a customer request.  

I love how this one turned out.  Tennis Backpack

Another special request that I'm going to sell on ETSY
Baseball tee shirts with coach's wife and a name on the back as an option,

Thanks again for taking the time to visit.  Hope you are inspired by these items.  If you have a request, but let me kown...
I will be back sometime next week with my BOM photo's.  Looking forward to that.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

It's that time again! BOM

Hey all you bloggers.... Come and See what's new at Sew Crafty Me, SC.
Since I decided to go on this Block of the Month journey with Whimsical Fabrics, I look forward to which block is it going to be.

I have to explain, even though I quilt (crafting wise), I'm not a quilter in the true sense of the word.  And my quilts are always larger blocks.  Working with the smaller blocks has been a challenge for me, which I'm actually enjoying.  I feel if I'm not rushed, then I can handle it.... Until this month's "PINWHEEL".  I've made pinwheels in the past, but this was a little different and I did become a little confused. (dyslexia and astigmatism) didn't help any.  So if you decide to try this block, it's okay if you have to rip the seams out THREE times. I did, but still was able to correct it.  I do know that I have to make two more of this block and will use the stripe as the windmill, (larger triangle)

I have really enjoyed joining the BOM. It uses my scraps and I'm not having to find other fabric.  It challenges me to work on a smaller scale, which I probably would never do. It also takes me away from my busy life between business and being available to my parents, husband, and grands.

Sew here are the two blocks I was able to cut sew and iron this morning within an hours time constraint...

As you can see, your eye has to really focus on the blue pinwheel


My next will be the stripe as the pinwheel.  I think it will give it more movement. But that is what this challenge is all about learning as we become more comfortable with the blocks.  

Sure hope you will join them and give it a try.  

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wacky Wednesday from Whimsical Fabrics

Hey all you bloggers.... Come and See what's new at Sew Crafty Me, SC

Whimsical Fabrics has what is known as #wackywednesdayfabrics.  The owner Danielle, will get up a bundle of 5 coordinating fabrics and place them on Whimsical Fabrics FB page.  The fabric is usually available in 1yd, 1/2yd or fat quarter pieces.  It is available to anyone that wants them.  The prices are discounted some.  But the fun part is if you order them when they are put on the page and pay that day, she sends them out and you are challenged to make something using the fabrics.  The challenge is that the item you decide to make has to be presented by the following Wednesday.  This is not always an easy challenge to make when you are a very busy person.  But this last Wednesday, I decided to give it a go.

I am not the best seamstress, even though I've been sewing a really long time.  I just consider myself a crafter more than a sewist. Also, I don't use patterns much anymore.  But I found this really cute simplicity pattern #1378. This pattern is just adorable and had a variety of pattern designs, as you will see in these photos.  I also will share a picture of my Granddaughter Emmy in her Birthday outfit  and bunny dress that I made.

So without further adieu, here are the photo's.

I was awarded this cute ribbon.

Here is the front.  I LOVED the fabric which is by Art Gallery

And the back which has a bow attached that is part of the straps.  It is elastic in back.  I ruffled the coordinating fabric for the hemline and used a cute embroidery stitch on my Juki sewing machine. 

She loves her books and being read to, which I'm so thankful.

Here is the little Easter Bunny outfit I made without a pattern.  Really turned out cute too.  

Thanks so much for stopping by....

Saturday, March 19, 2016

BOM with Whimsical Fabrics

Hey all you bloggers.... Come and See what's new at Sew Crafty Me, SC

For the month of March, the BOM was a quick easy quilt block.  Again it took a while to decide on which fabric to use.  I'm using scraps from the large quilt I made for Emersyn, so this BOM quilt will only be the size for a matching doll quilt.

I have also been very busy with other projects for customers which I will share sometime.  But this blog is about the Whimsical Fabric BOM....  Please excuse the lighting on most of the photos.  I'm still unlearned in that area. :)

I made two using these fabrics

 I also made two with these fabrics

Again two of these

Goodness, didn't realize that photo is bad.  But you get the picture. ;)

This makes a total of 6 of these blocks. 

Looking forward to next months block!

Hope this has encouraged you to give them a try. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Giddy Up!

Hey all you bloggers.... Come and See what's new at Sew Crafty Me, SC

I've been so busy with everything, but wanted to take a little time to share with you this adorable outfit I made for Emersyn (granddaughter)... My daughter in law found a bandana outfit and wanted one similar to it.  Well I thought I could make one better. LOL.... I just realized that the photo she sent to me has a lace trim.  I didn't use the lace, but will add it to the skirt.  I think it will look like a pettycoat.

I merged the boots and hat from 2 different designs and used a lot of BLING!  On the seat of the recycled bodysuit, I took an Irish design and deleted the Irish saying and just used the horse shoe and Lucky Charm.

Also the difference between mine and the store's is I made mine separates and store's is one piece.  This way if she wants to wear just that cute tee-shirt with jeans or shorts, she has that option.

Here is the photo that Peddy sent me:

It's cute BUT.....

As you can see, it does need a little bit of lace at the hem.  Also you really can't see the headband that I made that matches the skirt


What the skirt looks like with the upcycled body suit.  And just to add the cherry on top.....

Can't wait to see her with them on. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

New Etsy Store Sew Crafty Me2

Hey all you bloggers.... Come and See what's new at Sew Crafty Me, SC

Hope everyone is staying warm on these very cold days.  I just wanted to share with everyone a couple of things that is new for me.
I have reopened my ETSY shop.  Also I will be carrying a limited amount of fabric to sell on there.  The fabric is first quality and name brands.  I try to get the best price so you can be included in the savings also.  You can also find my fabric on my FB called Fabriholic BTY, which is by the yard.  I will say that I'm going to make the fabric available in 1/2 yd pieces.  There are also fat quarters too.

Here are the fabrics on the left and the right is fat quarters. Another 4 pc shabby chic fatquarter below.

Earlier this month I had a customer to request a valentine's applique.  I shared the picture of my finished product.  But she sent me a pic of her beautiful daughter with it on.

Isn't she pretty?  Her mommy said that was her favorite. Feels good to know that a child has a favorite

Coming soon will be March  BOM  and my Grandbabies birthday project! Plus I will be sharing a quilt that I'm working on.