Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Giddy Up!

Hey all you bloggers.... Come and See what's new at Sew Crafty Me, SC

I've been so busy with everything, but wanted to take a little time to share with you this adorable outfit I made for Emersyn (granddaughter)... My daughter in law found a bandana outfit and wanted one similar to it.  Well I thought I could make one better. LOL.... I just realized that the photo she sent to me has a lace trim.  I didn't use the lace, but will add it to the skirt.  I think it will look like a pettycoat.

I merged the boots and hat from 2 different designs and used a lot of BLING!  On the seat of the recycled bodysuit, I took an Irish design and deleted the Irish saying and just used the horse shoe and Lucky Charm.

Also the difference between mine and the store's is I made mine separates and store's is one piece.  This way if she wants to wear just that cute tee-shirt with jeans or shorts, she has that option.

Here is the photo that Peddy sent me:

It's cute BUT.....

As you can see, it does need a little bit of lace at the hem.  Also you really can't see the headband that I made that matches the skirt


What the skirt looks like with the upcycled body suit.  And just to add the cherry on top.....

Can't wait to see her with them on. 

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