Tuesday, April 5, 2016

It's that time again! BOM

Hey all you bloggers.... Come and See what's new at Sew Crafty Me, SC.
Since I decided to go on this Block of the Month journey with Whimsical Fabrics, I look forward to which block is it going to be.

I have to explain, even though I quilt (crafting wise), I'm not a quilter in the true sense of the word.  And my quilts are always larger blocks.  Working with the smaller blocks has been a challenge for me, which I'm actually enjoying.  I feel if I'm not rushed, then I can handle it.... Until this month's "PINWHEEL".  I've made pinwheels in the past, but this was a little different and I did become a little confused. (dyslexia and astigmatism) didn't help any.  So if you decide to try this block, it's okay if you have to rip the seams out THREE times. I did, but still was able to correct it.  I do know that I have to make two more of this block and will use the stripe as the windmill, (larger triangle)

I have really enjoyed joining the BOM. It uses my scraps and I'm not having to find other fabric.  It challenges me to work on a smaller scale, which I probably would never do. It also takes me away from my busy life between business and being available to my parents, husband, and grands.

Sew here are the two blocks I was able to cut sew and iron this morning within an hours time constraint...

As you can see, your eye has to really focus on the blue pinwheel


My next will be the stripe as the pinwheel.  I think it will give it more movement. But that is what this challenge is all about learning as we become more comfortable with the blocks.  

Sure hope you will join them and give it a try.  

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