Monday, December 16, 2013

Embellishing Your Sweat Shirt more....

This morning when I woke up the thought came to me to add lace around the neck of my monogrammed sweatshirt.  But after looking at my supplies I decided on raveled ruffled rosettes.  So here we go..... Hope this will inspire you to do something you might not think about....

These rosettes were glued on with Beacon Fabri-tac.... But if you want to hand stitch or machine sew you can do that too.... It was a really quick project and turned out beautiful. (I think, anyway.)
I would love to hear your comments. 

1 pair of scissors.
1 yard of Rosettes
1 altered sweatshirt (link here for instructions)
1 bottle of Fabri-tac (or other fabric glue)
10 minutes of your time...

Make sure your shirt has been washed before you apply your embellishment, to prevent any mishaps of shrinking).
Take your shirt and around the neckline, apply your glue a little at a time.  Pressing with your fingers as you wrap the rosettes around the neckline... I started on the shoulder seam but you can start in the back if you want to.

Once you have made it all around then cut the remaining rosettes off and YOU ARE FINISHED!!!
Now wasn't that easy?

If you don't want to do the neckline, you can apply it around the hemline, or the cuffs, or all three places, if you really want to bling it out!

Now that you have seen how it's done, find an old sweatshirt and give it new life with this cute embellishment.  Don't like the rosettes, you can do the same with ruffles, beading, lace.... It's unlimited what you can do with your altered sweatshirt.... Just have fun with it....

glue around edge
holding it in place for a few seconds
the finished product.  (which after looking at this photo, might get something on the cuffs. LOL)

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